Allison Fonder
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Charlie Schuck x Ashley Helvey for Kinfolk
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Ruth Duckworth
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pulp method papier mâché mask with feet
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“Snout to Tail” at JTT, Anna-Sophie Berger
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Camille Henrot’s “The Restless Earth” at the New Museum
May 7 - June 29
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Today I mailed a banana to Bill deKooning.
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"Do It"

My sister’s current writing project asking people to share the songs that have helped shape their identities — email her at if this interests you!


When I was in the seventh grade, I read Louise Voss’ book To Be Someone. It’s about a radio DJ who destroys her face in an accident. After English tabloids humiliate her, she decides to commit suicide live on the radio. Her final playlist consists of the songs that have soundtracked her life’s…

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